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Founded in 2003, Priority Title Insurance Agency was named to reflect our commitment to customer and client service. Priority Title is headquartered in Wilmington, NC. Having acquired Regional Land Title Insurance Agency and Atlas Title Agency, which provided title policies in the central and piedmont regions, we now serve real estate attorneys, homebuyers and mortgage lenders throughout the state of North Carolina.

We are approved agents for the major underwriters in the nation: First American Title Insurance Company, North American Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and their family of companies including Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Alamo, Ticor, American Pioneer, and Lawyers Title.

Priority Title offers first class residential and commercial title services throughout North Carolina with prompt turn-around times for back title policy retrieval services. We have access to the largest prior policy databases in the state. Contact us today for prompt, reliable and courteous service!

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John Starling

Senior Consultant

Sarah Starling

SVP, Licensed Insurance Underwriter

Abigail Edson

Title Relationship Manager

Kiya Rice

Administrative Assistant

Vicky Creech

Licensed Insurance Underwriter

why title insurance?


For most Americans, buying a home is the single largest financial investment they will ever make. A title insurance policy provides you with peace of mind. It takes the risk out of acquiring property whose legal history is unknown to you. While there should be no risks in transferring property, they do exist. Through the years, your new property may have changed hands many times through sale, inheritance, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. Each transfer was an opportunity for an error in title to arise. If an error occurred, and has never come to light, it puts your title in jeopardy. You could lose your property and money. And, even if you successfully defend your rights of ownership, the cost in time and legal fees could be prohibitive. Title insurance protects against many risks, such as:

  • Confusion from similarity of names
  • Forged documents
  • Signatures of minors or mentally incompetent persons
  • Mistakes in recording legal documents
  • Undisclosed or missing heirs
  • Fraud
  • Invalid divorces
  • Misrepresentation of marital status
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Clerical errors in public records
  • Wills not probated

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